Album cover for Wench's only studio release.
Background information
Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Stoner Rock, Progressive Rock
Years active 2007 - 2013
Associated acts Los Hombres del Diablo, H.D. Brown
Website Wench's Facebook

Wench (Previously known as H.D. Brown) was a progressive stoner band active between 2007 and 2013. Originating from Sydney, Asutralia, the band managed to release one EP before disbanding.


Wench originally began as H.D. Brown in the mid 2000s as the trio of Enright, Rogers and Egelhoff. The band would play local shows but information on both bands is scarce. From 2007 the band would be known as Wench and eventually record their five-song EP when it was found out Engelhoff was stricken with cancer. The band would finish what turned out to be their only EP in 2010 and release it in 2011 as a memorial to their late drummer. The band would intend to keep active with a new drummer but ultimately disband with Enright joining Los Hombres del Diablo.


  • Wench (EP) (2011)


  • Luke Enright - Guitar & Vox
  • Wayne Rogers - Bass
  • Darren Egelhoff - Drums

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