Wall of Sleep
Background information
Origin Washington D.C., USA
Genres Doom Metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 2011 - 2013
Associated acts Highpriest, Jack Nicholson
Website Facebook

Wall of Sleep was a short-lived doom metal band active in the D.C. area between 2011 and 2013. Their name derives from the Black Sabbath song "Behind The Wall of Sleep".


Wall of Sleep formed in early 2011 and began playing shows around the areas of DC, Baltimore and Virginia, their earliest known being on 16 March.[1] From there the band would release a demo that year and begin work on more material for an eventual album release. In 2012 the band would follow with an EP entitled Sand Wizard. 2013 would see two full-length releases from the band in the form of Druid and Mao's Gauntlet before the band would call it quits. Members of the group formed a new band named Jack Nicholson.


  • 2011 Demo (2011)
  • Sand Wizard EP (2012)
  • Druid (2013)
  • Mao's Gauntlet (2013)


  • Drew O'Rourke - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
  • Casey Minnick - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
  • Ben Perper - Drums

External LinksEdit


  1. Wall of Sleep Facebook

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