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    Sungrazer - Mirador

    February 27, 2016 by Gedmundo

    Europe, at least for the last three or four years, has been the place to go for fuzzy, psychedelic, underground riffs. Small bands, such as Colour Haze, Graveyard, Asteroid and Kamchatka, have flown the flag for the genre over recent years, but in Mirador, Sungrazer have stepped up to challenge all comers.

    Heading up their first full length, ‘Wild Goose’ is a confident jaunt between swaggering, semi-distorted riffs and calm, seemingly endless jams, setting up a real feel for where the album is taking us. What follows is a succession of jam like tunes with long instrumental parts, leading up to crushing choruses, all helped along the way with the odd pedal effect. Trippy parts are scarcely few and far between either, with title track ‘Mirado…

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  • Gedmundo


    February 4, 2016 by Gedmundo

    I have some interesting news to report concerning Riffipedia today. We have been granted permission to post images containing nudity in certain contexts; those contexts being when it appears on album covers or concert posters and has artistic intent. As far as I know, we are one of only two Wikia sites that have the exception regarding album artwork (the other being LyricsWikia) and we are the only Wikia with permission to show nudity in concert artwork.

    First, I need to explain the background of this. Wikia (the organation behind the platform which hosts Riffipedia and thousands of other wikis), has a blanket policy on nudity, though a rather vague one. From the best of my understanding, nudity is disallowed, with the exception of nudity … Read more >