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Unearthly Trance
Background information
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Sludge metal, doom metal
Years active 2000-2012, 2015-present
Labels Rise Above Records, The Music Cartel, Southern Lord Records, Relapse Records
Associated acts Thralldom, The Howling Wind, Serpentine Path, Humanless, Villains
Current members Ryan Lipynsky
Jay Newman
Darren Verni
Past members Jeremy Curles
Pete McCoil
Band Logo
UnearthlyTrance logo

Unearthly Trance are an American sludge/doom metal band from New York City, New York. They were formed in 2000. Unearthly Trance was named after from the song "Crown of the Unearthly Trance", which was on the first Thralldom demo, released in 1997. Two of three band members once played with Thralldom (Jay Newman and Ryan Lipynsky).



Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Season of Seance, Science of Silence (2003, The Music Cartel, Rise Above Records)
  • In the Red (2004, Rise Above Records, The Music Cartel)
  • The Trident (2006, Relapse Records)
  • Electrocution (2008, Relapse Records)
  • V (2010, Relapse Records)
  • Stalking the Ghost (2017, Relapse Records)

Extended PlaysEdit

  • The Axis Is Shifting (2007, Banana Hammock Records)
  • Eleven Are the Voices (2007, Land o'Smiles)


  • Psychological Operations (with Suma) (2008, Grimmgrinner Records)
  • Unearthly Trance / Ramesses (with Ramesses) (2009, Future Noise Recordings)
  • Unearthly Trance / Minsk (with Minsk) (2009, Parasitic Records)
  • Unearthly Trance / Aldebaran (with Aldebaran) (2009, Parasitic Records)
  • Unearthly Trance / Volition (with Volition) (2010, Wolfsbane Records)
  • Unearthly Trance / The Endless Blockade (with The Endless Blockade) (2010, Chrome Peeler Records)
  • Unearthly Trance / Wooden Wand (with Wooden Wand) (2010, Chrome Peeler Records)


  • Lord Humanless Awakens / Summoning the Beast (2001, Southern Lord Records)
  • V.V.V.V / Frost Walk with Me (2003, Parasitic Records)

Live AlbumsEdit

  • Live in Belgium (2005, Humanless Recordings)


  • Ouroboros (2014, Throne Records)


  • Collaboration (Collaboration with Suma) (2010, Throne Records)


Current MembersEdit

  • Jay Newman - Bass, Noise (2000-2012, 2015-present)
  • Ryan Lipynsky - Guitars, Vocals, Noise (2000-2012, 2015-present)
  • Darren Verni - Drums (2001-2012, 2015-present)

Former MembersEdit

  • Jeremy Curles - Guitars
  • Pete McCoil - Drums (2000-?)



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