Ultimate Dragons
Ultimate Dragons
The Dragons performing live.
Background information
Origin Richmond, Virginia, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
Years active 1998 - 2002
Associated acts The Sword, Burn Witch Burn, Ratking, D.F.I., J. Church, HRM, Funeralizer, Those Peabodys

Ultimate Dragons were a short-lived band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. This band is best known for a stoner metal sound inspired by comics & fantasy, along with members of the band going on to form The Sword once the members relocated to Austin, Texas.


Ultimate Dragons started in Richmond, VA in 1998 when Ben White and JD Cronise quit Burn Witch Burn. They recruited Trivett Wingo to play drums and the Ultimate Dragons were born. After a few months and several shows, David DiDonato joined on lead guitar. One by one, they all moved from Richmond to Austin, TX and reformed the band first with Adam on drums, then Alan. Then they broke up.


Ultimate Dragons demo17:24

Ultimate Dragons demo

ULTIMATE DRAGONS - "Battle Theme" by Queen into "Holy Smoke"06:16

ULTIMATE DRAGONS - "Battle Theme" by Queen into "Holy Smoke"

  • Ultimate Dragons (Demo) (1999?)
  • Player's Handbook (Demo) (2000)


  • J.D. Cronise - Guitar, Vocals
  • Ben White - Bass
  • Trivett Wingo - Drums
  • David DiDonato - Guitar
  • Adam R. Hatley
  • Alan

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