Photo from the Ufesas Bandcamp page.
Background information
Origin Canelones, Uruguay
Genres Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2008 - 2011?
Labels folie à deux
Website MySpace Page

Ufesas were a short-lived psychedelic band from Uruguay, estimated to have been active between 2008 and 2011. They were best known for their style of South American psych and the mindset of recording in single sessions.


Ufesas was born as a jam band with four friends in a garage, making music just for fun. Their influences come from very different places: spacemen 3, the brian jonestown massacre, grateful dead, dias de blues, velvet underground, the rolling stones, queens of the stone age, the jesus and mary chain, among others.

In June of 2008 they released their first ep with their own label folie à deux records. Containing four songs it was recorded in one day, just four guys in a room, playing with fire.

According to Ufesas did perform on occasion in their home country between 2008 and 2010. The band would go on to record a full-length in 2011 but since then have not been active in any capacity.


  • Ufesas (2011)


  • Diego Mercadal - Drums, Percussion
  • Federico Bolaño - Noise, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
  • Joey Mercadal - Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
  • Leandro Machín Rebellato - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Synths, Vocals

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