Tuna de Tierra
EPisode 1- Pilot
Cover of the bands first release, EPisode 1: Pilot
Background information
Origin Naples, Italy
Genres Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock
Years active 2013-present
Website Official Website
Current members Alessio De Cicco
Luciano Mirra
Jonathan Maurano
Band Logo
Tuna de Tierra Logo

Tuna de Tierra are a three piece psychedelic, stoner, desert rock band from Naples, Italy. Formed in 2013, they have released one EP.[1] and later their debut album two years later.

The band is distinctive for a predominantly calmer sound in the stoner rock scene with hints of heaviness and intensity along with Alessio De Cicco's relaxed vocal approach.


Tuna de Tierra are an Italian stoner and desert rock band, formed in Naples in early 2013. The band was originally formed when Alessio De Cicco (guitar and vocals) wished to make music hearkening back to the psychedelic, fuzzed-out desert rock sound of Palm Desert. He first recruited, Luciano Mirra (bass), an old friend and long-standing musical partner into the band.[2] The pair began writing the first songs soon after partnering. The songs they wrote were constantly refined as their musical style evolved.

In late 2014/early 2015, the band were eager to record their first release. As such, they began their search for a drummer, eventually opting to recruit Jonathan Maurano, who they had met on the road. The band began recording in early 2015 at Abc29 Studio in Naples with Alberto Santaniello as recording engineer. After mixing at Trail Music Lab in Naples and mastering at Newmastering Studio in Milan, the band released their first EP, EPisode I: Pilot, in June 2015.[3]

On 13 March 2017 it was announced that Tuna De Tierra signed with Argonauta Records with their first full-length album set for a spring release.[4] Tuna de Tierra was released via Argonauta Records on 22 September 2017 to positive reviews.


Tuna de Tierra - Red Sun08:26

Tuna de Tierra - Red Sun


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V·T·E Tuna de Tierra
Current Members Alessio De CiccoLuciano MirraJonathan Maurano
Releases EPisode 1: Pilot (2015) • Tuna de Tierra (2017)

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