Trevor's Head
Gig photo Feb 26th

Trevor's Head live in Redhill, 2016
Background information
Also known as The Trevs
Origin Redhill, U.K.
Genres Stoner Punk, Stoner Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock
Years active 2010 - present
Labels Unsigned
Associated acts Cop Orgy, SpaceDogs
Current members Roger Atkins, Matt Ainsworth, Aaron Strachan
Past members Tom Neate, Dave Holdstock
Band Logo

Trevor's Head are a stoner-punk band from Redhill, Surrey in the U.K. Formed in 2010, they initially started as a bluesy hard rock band before incorporating elements of stoner rock, punk and grunge into their music. The band have recorded two albums and two E.P.s, the most recent releases; "Otherside" and "Tricolossus", displaying their change in sound.


Formation and early years (2007 - 2010)Edit

All of the original members of Trevor's Head met at Reigate college in 2007. Dave Holdstock (lead guitar) and Tom Neate (bass) were in a band called Artefact with singer Alex Popay and drummer Dave Pusey. They mainly played songs by blues-rock bands like Free, Cream and Led Zeppelin. Matt Ainsworth initially joined them to play rhythm guitar, but then took over Pusey's duties as drummer after a few months. Popay left the band as Roger Atkins came in on guitar. After a short search for a new singer, they found fellow college-goer Stewart Wilson. The band changed its name to Inertia, and began to write original material while retaining the blues-rock repertoire and adding covers from classic rock bands of varying styles. After a couple of years of gigging locally, Wilson also quit the band. Atkins took over on vocals, and they were left as a four piece - Atkins (guitar & vocals), Holdstock (lead guitar), Ainsworth (drums) and Neate (bass).

After a few lineup changes, the band felt a new name was needed. While on a camping holiday in Devon, Ainsworth was browsing a road map and stumbled upon Trevose Head in Cornwall. Stoned, he jokingly sent a message to the other members of the band that they should called themselves "Trevor's Head". Unexpectedly, they all thought it would be a good choice, so the name stuck.

Self Titled and Juice (2011 - 2013)Edit

Trevor's Head began to play gigs outside of their hometown and write newer material that was in a hard-rock vein. In 2012, after enough songs were written, they recorded their first album "Self Titled" over two sessions at Foel Studio in Wales. The sessions were engineered by current Conan bass-player Chris Fielding. "Self Titled" was released by the band in October 2012. Physical copies were encased in cardboard sleeves handmade by the band.

In May 2013, Trevor's Head recorded the E.P. "Juice" at Animal Farm studios in London. These sessions were engineered by Jamie Dodd. The material on "Juice" was lighter and more accessible than their previous release, the band members have since expressed dissatisfaction with it. A few months before recording, the band started gigging seriously, playing shows all over the south of England. Faced with this increase in work load, long-time bass player Neate amicably left the band once the E.P. was finished. "Juice" was eventually released on the Animal Farm label in January 2014.

New blood, Otherside and onwards (2013 - present)Edit

The search for Neate's replacement didn't take long. Ainsworth approached local psychedelic band SpaceDogs' lead guitarist, Aaron Strachan, about the possibilty of him playing bass for them. He agreed and after a couple of jam sessions, joined the band, bringing in a heavier, more fluid style. During this period of relative inactivity, they had been writing songs of a heavier nature, introducing aspects of punk and stoner rock to their compositions. It turned out that Strachan was the perfect foil for this newer material and in February 2014, Trevor's Head returned to Foel Studio to record their new E.P. "Otherside".

This new E.P. marked a transitional stage between their earlier classic rock sound and their newer, heavier edge. After its release in June 2014, the band continued to develop this style. Unhappy with the direction they were taking, and unwilling to commit to the amount of gigs they were booking, Holdstock left the band.

After a few practices as a three piece, the remaining band members agreed that they would not seek a replacement, the reasons being that Atkins was a more than capable lead player and that as a trio the newer material sounded even heavier and tighter. Friends and fans had also mentioned this to the band, further galvanising their decision.

In September 2015, Trevor's Head returned once again to Foel Studio to record their second album, "Tricolossus", with Tom Wild behind the mixing desk. Taking up where "Otherside" left off, the stoner rock and punk influences rose even more to the fore, along with experiments with synthesiser and spoken word. It was self released by the band in February 2016, to good reviews from some notable independant stoner rock blogs.


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Trevor's Head (October 2012)
  • Tricolossus (February 2016)


  • Juice (January 2014)
  • Otherside (June 2014)


Current MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

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