The Re-Stoned
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The Re-Stoned live 2016.
Background information
Origin Moscow, Russia
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2008 - Present
Labels R.A.I.G., Nasoni Records
Website Facebook
Current members Ilya Lipkin
Alexander Romanov
Alexey Volnov

The Re-Stoned are an instrumental stoner rock band from Russia, active since 2008.

History Edit

The Re-Stoned was formed in 2008 by Ilya Lipkin as a project to dedicate himself to fuzz and psychedelic music. Lipkin, along with Romanov and Volnov, started working on various jams beginning with the Return To Reptiles EP in 2009 before releasing their debut album Revealed Gravitation in 2010 while playing occasional shows around the Russia area. Two more albums would come in quick succession in the form of Analog and Plasma throughout the next two years, along with a live album in Vermel and a live-in-the-studio EP entitled Re-Session. The band would tour the UK for the first time in 2011 along with playing the Redburn Festival in Moscow.[1]

The band would release their fourth album Totems along with a second live album 38 Phases in 2014. A split 7" with Wo Fat followed in 2015 and the band would tour Greece in the 38 Phases Tour. 2016 would see their fifth album in Reptiles Return and the band sharing the stage with the likes of The Vintage Caravan and Uncle Acid and the deadbeats.

The band has a string of European dates lined up in 2017.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • Revealed Gravitation (2010)
  • Analog (2011)
  • Plasma (2012)
  • Totems (2014)
  • Reptiles Return (2016)
  • Chronoclasm (2017)

Ps & Splits Edit

  • Return To Reptiles (2009)
  • Re-Session (2012)
  • Re-Session Volume 2 (2013)
  • The Re​-​Stoned / Wo Fat 7" Split (With Wo Fat) (2015)

Live Albums Edit

  • Vermel (2011)
  • 38 Phases (2014)

Members Edit

  • Ilya Lipkin - Guitar
  • Vladimir Kislyakov - Bass
  • Yaroslav Shevchenko - Drums

Tours Edit

  • Wales UK Tour 2011 (2011)[2]
  • 38 Phases Tour (2015)[3]
  • Fuzzomania Touring Europe (2017)

Links Edit

References Edit

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