The Obsessed
The Obsessed
An original pressing of The Obsessed.
Studio album by The Obsessed
Released 1990
Recorded 1985 at Ambient Studios, College Park & Vielklang Studios in Beltsville, Maryland & Berlin, Germany
Genre Doom Metal, Hard Rock
Length 32:37
Producer Ray Tilkens, Wino
The Obsessed chronology
Sodden Jackal
The Obsessed
Lunar Womb

The Obsessed is the eponymous debut album by the Maryland doom metal band of the same name. Originally recorded in 1985 the album would be initially released in 1990 via Hellhound Records and later in 2000 via Tolotta Records. Besides the Sodden Jackal EP this album is one of only a handful of official releases to feature the original era of The Obsessed.


The Obsessed - 1990 - The Obsessed s t FULL32:37

The Obsessed - 1990 - The Obsessed s t FULL

All of the songs recorded for this album were in 1985 though largely different from the album recorded and intended for a release on Metal Blade Records that never surfaced. Wino took the best of these recordings in 1989 and had them mixed in Berlin. From there German doom metal label Hellhound Records opted to release it on CD and vinyl but on one suggestion that Wino would reform the band. Wino agreed and departed from Saint Vitus, re-forming his old band with the newfound rhythm section of Scott Reeder and Greg Rogers.

In 2000 Tolotta Records reissued the album with a re-mastered sound and ten bonus tracks stemming from a full live performance at Glenmont Rec. Center in Wheaton, Maryland on 28 February 1984. Both versions are out-of-print.

In 2016 the original CD was reissued via Hankenstein Records and Wino has alluded to a possible reissue of the album on Relapse with unreleased demos and live recordings.


All songs arranged by The Obsessed. All songs written by Wino except 7 by Wino & Laue. Tracks 10 - 19 only appear on the 2000 Tolotta Records edition.

  • 1. Tombstone Highway (3:29)
  • 2. The Way She Fly (2:22)
  • 3. Forever Midnight (4:59)
  • 4. Ground Out (3:17)
  • 5. Fear Child (1:53)
  • 6. Freedom (5:58)
  • 7. Red Disaster (3:52)
  • 8. Inner Turmoil (2:21)
  • 9. River of Soul (4:26)
  • 10. No Message (1:03)
  • 11. Neatz Brigade (4:54)
  • 12. Concrete Cancer (3:13)
  • 13. Mental Kingdom (2:49)
  • 14. Feelingz (2:26)
  • 15. A World Apart (1:45)
  • 16. Freedomm (5:04)
  • 17. Blind Lightning (3:45)
  • 18. Indestroy (1:47)
  • 19. Kill Ugly Naked (2:07)


  • Wino - Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Artwork
  • Mark Laue - Bass, Artwork
  • Ed Gulli - Drums
  • Ray Tilkens - Engineer (Ambient Studios)
  • Mathias Schneeberger - Engineer (Vielklang Studios)
  • Stephan Gross - Engineer (Vielklang Studios)
  • Valerie - Photography
  • Liz Bullock - Photography, Artwork
  • Yvonne Gibson - Photography, Artwork


V·T·E The Obsessed
Current Members Scott WeinrichReid RaleyBrian Constantino
Past Members Johnny Reese • Norman Lawson • Mark LaueDave FloodVance BockisEd GulliGreg RogersScott ReederGuy PinhasDave Sherman • Sara Seraphim • Bruce Falkinburg
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Extended Plays Sodden Jackal
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