Black Widow's Project
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Background information
Also known as BWP
Origin Geneva, Switzerland
Genres Deep Rock, Stoner, Grunge
Years active 2010 - Present
Labels Shitstem Records


The "Deep Rock"(Stoner, grunge) band Black Widow’s Project was formed by Al Castro in Geneva, Switzerland in 2009. Back then, Al was working on demos and met Math Sink, an old classmate, during a party and ask him if he wanted to join the project. The following year they recorded together their first EP named Benefit Of The Doubt. 

After forming a first line-up, they spend two years playing in small venues mostly in Switzerland. The band entered the studio in 2012 to record their next effort Heavy Heart with the producer and sound engineer Stephane Chapelle. Due to tension in the band, the first line-up split up in the studio and Al and Math had to finish to record the album themselves. The LP Heavy Heart was finally released in 2013 and allowed them, along with a powerful live act, to gain a good reputation in Europe. 

Since then, they played live all across Europe, recorded a rare B-side EP and formed a new line-up composed by Davy McFly (guitar) and Raph Despas (Bass). They entered in studio with their new producer/manager Ben Dacruz in April 2016 and began to work on their third release called Daydream Emergency.  


  • Benefit Of The Doubt (Shitstem Records, 2010)
  • Heavy Heart (Shitstem Records, 2013)
  • Fire B-Sides (FBI-Prod, 2014)
  • Daydream Emergency (Shitstem Records, 2017)


Current MembersEdit

  • Al Castro - Guitar, Vocals
  • Math Sink - Drums
  • Davy McFly - Guitar
  • Raph Despas - Bass

Former MembersEdit

  • Pablo Rosales - Guitar
  • Fabien Ferraglia - Bass
  • Guillaume Giazzi - Bass


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