Background information
Origin Orange County, California, USA
Genres Instrumental stoner doom
Years active 2014-present
Associated acts Solar Haze
Website Official Website
Current members Ross Cowan
Jason Hernandez
Adam Christopher
Band Logo
Sungrinder Logo

Sungrinder is an instrumental stoner doom metal band based in Orange County, California, USA.


Sungrinder was formed in late December 2014, in Orange County, California when drummer Adam Christopher joined Scotland-native guitarist Ross Cowan and bassist Jason Hernandez.[1][2] After an initial search for a vocalist to join the ranks, Sungrinder decided to remain instrumental instead playing edited clips from various films at live performances; a choice routed in a desire to focus on the music and not to be tied down to any one genre.[2]

The bands first release was "Demo '15", a demo of the band's early material, which was recorded and released in February 2015.[3] In March of 2015, Sungrinder played a significant number of shows throughout Southern California. Due to their early demo, touring commitment and online footage of the band, they have begun to cement a reasonable following worldwide.[2]

On August 30th 2015, Sungrinder released a live EP Live From the Doll Hut showcasing three new tracks 'Black Boar', 'Eye of the Crimson Storm', and 'Narcodyssey: Parts I & II.'[4] Live from the Doll Hut was recorded on 30th August 2015 at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, California. [4]

In November 2015, Sungrinder began work on their first studio album. From Within The Cosmic Cloud was independently released on April 20, 2016.


Sungrinder - Black Boar05:02

Sungrinder - Black Boar

Sungrinder performing "Black Boar" @ Malone's Pub.


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V·T·E Sungrinder
Current Members Ross CowanJason HernandezAdam Christopher
Demos Demo '15
Live Releases Live at the Doll Hut

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