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South American Sludge Compilation: Riffs & Psicodelia Vol. 1
Compilation album by various

Riffs & Psicodelia is a compilation album from Argentina produced by Stoner Argentino Independiente and released by South American Sludge Records. It contains several bands from around the country and its a showing of all styles into the stoner/heavy/psych underground scene of that country.

The cover artwork was done by young argentinian artist CORBA.

Stoner Argentino Independiente is planning to release another compilation album in a near future, among several other works.

In this first volume, the album shows and shine trough the quality of songs of 11 great independent bands.


Alud - Pinto Piraña

Arido - Desert

Reyes En Jaque - Viajar (viento)

Vanprasth - Ante La Infeccion

Delirium Extremus - Caminante Espacial

Atardecer De La Conciencia - Ciudad En Gris

Serpiente De Montaña - Ya Ves

Era De Acuario - Sos Un Rio

V.U.E.L.O. - Cosmos Tu

Mil Tormentas - Mil Tormentas

Matacerdos - Desierto De Leones

External LinksEdit

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Official Facebook page of Stoner Argentino Independiente

South American Sludge Records Facebook page

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