Sounds of Liberation
Sounds of Liberation
Sounds of Liberation's album cover.
Studio album by Ché
Released October 3 2000
Recorded 20 - 23 February 2000 at Donner & Blitzen in Silver Lake, California
Genre Stoner Rock, Desert Rock
Length 35:23
Producer Ché, Mathias Schneeberger
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Sounds of Liberation

Sounds of Liberation was the only studio album by the short-lived desert/stoner rock band Ché, initially released in 2000 via Man's Ruin Records.


Sounds of Liberation came at a rough time in Brant's career with him "hungry to write songs" and "dealing with a gnarly breakup" along with Alfredo having just left Queens of the Stone Age and Dave Dinsmore having just left Unida, motivating the three musicians to write and record an album together. The band was jamming together around the time Jalamanta was released and Frank Kozik got word, expressing interest in releasing any recordings the band does together, motivating Ché to record an album.

Sounds of Liberation initially saw a CD release on 3 October 2000 via Man's Ruin Records, with the CD going out of print upon the label's demise and the release itself attaining a bit of mythical status.

In 2008 it would be announced that Brant Bjork would re-issue Sounds of Liberation on vinyl through his own imprint Low Desert Punk, the first time the album would ever see that kind of release. In the fall of 2008 the vinyl was issued limited to 1250 on black and a very limited amount on translucent red. The next year the album would see a digipak CD reissue and in 2014 would be reissued on vinyl again.

Ché - Sounds of Liberation ⌇ Full album ☆ 2000 ⌇ HD

Ché - Sounds of Liberation ⌇ Full album ☆ 2000 ⌇ HD

Brant Bjork - CHE - Sounds Of Liberation promo

Brant Bjork - CHE - Sounds Of Liberation promo


  • 1. Hydraulicks (4:23)
  • 2. The Knife (3:39)
  • 3. Pray For Rock (5:17)
  • 4. Sounds Of Liberation (6:10)
  • 5. Adelante (5:12)
  • 6. Blue Demon (6:13)
  • 7. The Day The Pirate Retired (4:39)


  • Alfredo Hernández - Drums, Percussion
  • Dave Dinsmore - Bass
  • Brant Bjork - Guitar, Vocals
  • Frank Kozik - Layout
  • Ché - Writing, Art Direction, Producer
  • Mathias Schneeberger - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
  • Brian Maurer - Band Photo

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