Soilent Green
Background information
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Genres Sludge metal, Death metal, Grindcore
Years active 1988-present
Labels Dwell Records, Relapse Records, Metal Blade Records
Associated acts Goatwhore, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Hawg Jaw, Graveyard Rodeo, Nuclear Crucifixion
Website Soilent Green
Current members Tommy Buckley, Brian Patton, L. Ben Falgoust II, Scott Crochet
Past members Marcel Trenchard, Donovan Punch, Glenn Rambo, Scott Williams, Ben Stout, Tony White, Gregg Harney
Band Logo
SoilentGreen logo

Soilent Green are an American sludgegrind band that hails from (Chalmette/Metairie, Louisiana) the suburbs of New Orleans and a key band in the NOLA metal scene.

Soilent Green are names after the 1970s sci-fi flick Soylent Green though slightly altered to avoid copyright infringement. The band usually borrows artwork from the Czech painter Alphonse Mucha for their album covers.


Soilent Green was founded in 1988, formed after founding members Glenn Rambo, Donovan Punch and Brian Patton left Nuclear Crucifixion. The band would release a host of demos and a split release entitled New Orleans Scene: Allow No Downfall until founding bassist Marcel Trenchard and vocalist Glenn Rambo both left the band in 1992, with Scott WIlliams and Ben Falgoust as their replacements. Their début album wasn't released until 1995, when Pussysoul came out on Dwell Records.

The following four albums were released by Relapse Records with the band touring worldwide to follow, mainly alongside death and thrash metal bands such as Superjoint Ritual, Nile, Morbid Angel and GWAR to name a few. In 2004 the band signed with Metal Blade Records for their 2008 album, Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction. The band would tour the US and Europe throughout the next few years in support of the record, namely sharing the stage with bands such as Skeletonwitch and Dethklok in 2008 and Today Is The Day in 2011. Between 2008 and 2014 they also made a host of festival appearances such as Scion RockFest, Roadburn Festival, Hellfest and Maryland Deathfest in 2014 which has proven to be their last show to date.


On 26 April 2004, bassist Scott Williams was killed in a murder/suicide by his roommate.[1][2]

In September 2005, former singer Glenn Rambo was killed in Hurricane Katrina.[3]


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Pussysoul (1995, Dwell Records)
  • Sewn Mouth Secrets (1998, Relapse Records)
  • A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down (2001, Relapse Records)
  • Confrontation (2005, Relapse Records)
  • Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction (2008, Metal Blade Records)


  • A String of Lies (1998, Relapse Records)


Current MembersEdit

  • Tommy Buckley - Drums (1988-present)
  • Brian Patton - Guitar (1988-present)
  • L. Ben Falgoust II - Vocals (1993-present)
  • Scott Crochet - Bass (2003-present)

Former MembersEdit

  • Marcel Trenchard - Bass (1988-1992)
  • Donovan Punch - Guitars (1988-1998)
  • Glenn Rambo - Vocals (1988-1992)
  • Scott Williams - Bass (1992-2002)
  • Ben Stout - Guitars (2000-2001)
  • Tony White - Guitars (2003-2005)
  • Gregg Harney - Guitars (2005-2007)

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