Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship
Front cover for Sinking Ship.
Extended play by Dirtbag
Released February 20 2016
Recorded 2015 at WRFL 88.1 Studios (November 21, 2015) in Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Genre Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
Length 22:43
Producer Mike Bray, Chris Wheeler, Joshua Hackney, Logan Hollis
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Sinking Ship

Sinking Ship is an EP by Lexington, Kentucky doom/sludge band Dirtbag. It was released on February 20, 2016 via Doodlehound


Dirtbag had the intentions of writing new material sometime after the release of their 2014 album, with two new songs making their debut in January of 2015. [1] Eventually by the summer the band had three songs ready for recording but with the intent of returning to WRFL studios to record the EP in one take live at WRFL Studios with later mixing and mastering. In an interview via Doodlehound the band explains why they choose to record as such:

“We do not like doing it [recording] over and over and over again. We're pretty much just sinked on that, we don't want to do that. We just want to nail it out and that sounds good to us!”
— Joshua Hackney, Doodlehound [2]

Sinking Ship was officially released on February 20, 2016 on a digipak CD. The official release party was at Broomwagon Coffee & Bikes in Lexington with a tour following that May.[3]


  • 1. Sample I - 0:53
  • 2. Blacked Out - 10:03
  • 3. Sinking Ship - 5:24
  • 4. Sample II - 0:46
  • 5. Father's Sons - 4:44
  • 6. Sample III - 0:53


  • Joshua Hackney - Guitar, Vocals
  • Logan Hollis - Drums
  • Mike Bray - Recording
  • Chris Wheeler - Recording
  • Kari Ray - Photography
  • Brandon Claunch - Artwork (Front and Back Cover)
  • Cory Fusting - Artwork (CD), Layout, Publishing

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