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Ruins Circa 1997.
Background information
Also known as RonRuins, Sax Ruins, Ruins Alone
Origin Japan
Genres Zeuhl, Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, Noise Rock, Math Rock
Years active 1985 - Present
Labels Ipecac Recordings, Tzadik, Skin Graft, Magaibutsu Limited, Shimmy Disc
Associated acts Acid Mothers Temple, Akaten, Knead, Koenjihyakkei, Korekyojinn,, Seikazoku, Sekkutsu Jean, Zeni Geva, Zubi Zuva X
Website Magaibutsu
Current members Tatsuya Yoshida

Ruins are a Japanese music duo consisting of drummer/vocalist Tatsuya Yoshida and a bass guitarist, though mainly Yoshida's project and even going as Ruins Alone for a time. Forming in 1985, the band is tied with the Zeuhl scene with lyrics sung original lyrics are written and sung in an invented language which, at first glance, resembles Kobaïan, the language invented by Christian Vander of French progressive rock band Magma, a band that Ruins hold as a main influence.

Ruins' material (which Yoshida, who composes the majority of their pieces, writes out in score form) is generally of extreme complexity and thus is often described as inaccessible; potential listeners may be bewildered by the band's unrestrained yet disciplined approach and influences of noise rock, progressive rock, jazz fusion and math rock, accentuated by Yoshida's complex and scientific drumming.

Ruins is a Japanese music duo composed only of drummer/vocalist Tatsuya Yoshida and a bass guitarist (there have been four such bassists in the band's history). The group, formed in 1985, was supposedly intended to be a power trio; the guitarist, however, never showed up to the band's first rehearsal so the group remained a duo. The music touches on progressive rock, jazz fusion and noise rock.

Since forming Ruins have released thirteen studio albums in various incarnations and have toured all over the world, collaborating with a host of musicians along the way.



Studio AlbumsEdit

  • 'Ruins III (1988, Magaibutsu) (reissued as Infect in 1993)
  • Stonehenge (1990, Shimmy Disc)
  • Burning Stone (1992, Shimmy Disc)
  • Graviyaunosch (1993, Nipp Guitar)
  • Jason Willett And Ruins (1994, Megaphone Limited)
  • Hyderomastgroningem (1995, Tzadik)
  • Saisoro (As Derek and The Ruins) (1995, Tzadik)
  • Refusal Fossil (1997/2007, Skin Graft Records)
  • Vrresto (1998, Magaibutsu)
  • Tohjinbo (As Derek and The Ruins) (1998, Paratactile)
  • Symphonica (1998, Tzadik)
  • Pallaschtom (2000,Sonore / Magaibutsu)
  • Death Seed (With Guapo and The Stock Exchange) (2000, Free Land)
  • Tzomborgha (2002, Ipecac Recordings)
  • Yawiquo (as Sax Ruins) (2009, Ipecac Recordings)
  • Alone (as Ruins Alone) (2011, Skin Graft Recordings)
  • Blimmguass (as Sax Ruins) (2013, Skin Graft Recordings)

Live AlbumsEdit

  • Early Works: Live & Unreleased Tracks (1991, Bloody Butterfly)
  • 0'33" (1993, HG Fact / Public Bath)
  • Ruins + 梅津和時 (1994, F.M.N. Sound Factory)
  • March - October 1997 (1997, Enterruption)
  • Improvisations (1997, Magaibutsu)
  • Ketsunoana (As RonRuins) (1998, Pandemonium)
  • Live At Kichijoji / Mandala II (2001, Tzadik)
  • Big Shoes (As RonRuins) (2001, Magaibutsu)
  • Ruins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi (2002, F.M.N. Sound Factory)
  • Live In Guang Zhou - China (2002, Noise Asia)
  • Tomorrow Ruins (Live At 1st Tomorrow Festival 2014) = 明天廃墟 (As Ruins Alone) (2014, B10 Live / Old Heaven Books)
  • 16.8.16 (As Sax Ruins) (2016, OTOROKU)

EPs & Other ReleasesEdit

  • Ruins (EP) (1986, Transrecords)
  • Ruins II (EP) (1987, Transrecords)
  • Best of Ruins (Compilation) (1991, Biotope Art Organization)
  • Ruins EP (EP) (1992, Public Bath)
  • II & 19 Numbers (Compilation) (1993, SSE)
  • Ruins / Dawson (Split with Dawson) (1993, HG Fact / Gruff Wit)
  • Ruins / Schlong (Split with Schlong) (1994, HG Fact)
  • Erase Yer Head # 6 (Split with Alboth!, Belly-Button, Molecules and Mug) (1998, Pandemonium)
  • Ales Stenar (EP) (2001, Manufactured cR)
  • 1986-1992 (Compilation) (2002, Skin Graft / Magaibutsu)
  • Brother In The Wind / Gwodhunqa (Split with High on Fire) (2005, Skin Graft / Relapse)
  • Ruins~I,II&III (Compilation) (2015, Fuji Disc Masters)


  • Tatsuya Yoshida - Drums, Vocals (1985 - Present)
  • Kawamoto Hideki - Bass, Backing Vocals (1985 - 1987)
  • Kimoto Kazuyoshi - Bass, Backing Vocals (1987 - 1990)
  • Masada Ryuichi - Bass, Backing Vocals (1991 - 1997, 2016)
  • Sasaki Hisashi - Bass, Backing Vocals (1995 - 2004)
  • Ono Ryoko - Alto Saxophone (2006 - Present; As part of Sax Ruins)
  • Ron Anderson - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals (1998 - 2002; As part of RonRuins)
  • Derek Bailey - Guitar (1995 - 1998; As part of Derek and The Ruins)



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