Rogue Planet
Background information
Origin Norway
Genres Stoner Doom
Years active 2015 - Present
Associated acts Summit
Website Official Page
Current members Henrik Arnesen, Vegard Hermstad, Kristian Hindbjørgen, Åge Breivik.
Band Logo

Rogue Planet are a cosmic stoner doom band from Trondheim, Norway. On gravitational waves, with riffs the weight of black holes, Rogue Planet is here to guide you on a journey through an endless galaxy. The band takes inspiration from bands like: Sleep, Hawkwind and Electric Wizard. Explore space with the thundering wall of fuzz that is Rogue Planet. The band formed in 2015, released a demo that year and has played gigs throughout Norway.


Demo 2015


Henrik M. Arnesen: Guitar and Vocals.

Vegard Hermstad: Guitar.

Kristian Hindbjørgen: Bass.

Åge Breivik: Drums.


Red Mountains + Rogue Planet [live review]

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