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Some articles on Riffipedia are copied directly from Wikipedia. Whilst the content of these articles is in no means bad, they may be too generalised for Riffipedia's audience. If an article was copied from Wikipedia, please add Wikipedia to the categories and also add this code to the very top of the article:

|article copied from = 

Remember to add the link of the Wikipedia article it was copied from in the space provided so that the image links to the article. This is for two reasons. It allows fair use of the Wikipedia logo and it also gives credit to the people who worked on the article for wikipedia. If I was adding this to our Kyuss article, the code would be as follows:

|article copied from =

This will give you the box below:


The content of this article was copied from Wikipedia. Wikipedia articles are often aimed at more general audiences, whereas Riffipedia is aimed at people already interested in the Stoner Rock scene. You can help Riffipedia by re-purposing this article.

If you come across an article with a Wikipedia tag upon it, please help by improving the article if you are able.

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