Riff Fest
Riff Fest '15 Logo
Riff Fest '15 Logo
Background information
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge
Location Bolton, England
Venue(s) The Alma Inn
Years active 2014 - present
Website Facebook

Riff Fest is a yearly festival held in Bolton, England. Primarily held at The Alma Inn, it's promoted as a single-day free festival featuring multiple bands in a showcase of Stoner Rock and Sludge Metal. Riff Fest was first held in 2014 and has been held annually ever since. A 2016 edition has been announced, but as of yet, no lineup has been announced.


The first edition of Riff Fest was held at The Alma Inn on August 23, 2015. It featured sixteen bands over two stages over the course of the day.[1]

August 23, 2015
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Widows Iron Witch
Hogslayer Bong Cauldron
While Heaven Wept While Heaven Wept
Death of Us Ten Foot Wiz
BOTS Lizard Tongue
Lord Misery Nomad
Swinelord Space Witch
Siege Exxxekutioner
Wort Mower


The second edition of Riff Fest was featured at The Alma Inn on August 29, 2015. It featured seventeen bands over the course of a single day with an after show featuring Ben Ward of Orange Goblin as the guest DJ to close out the festivities of the evening. It was sponsored by Blackstar Amplification.[2]

August 29, 2015
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Slabdragger Raging Speedhorn
Desert Storm Trippy Wicked
Ten Foot Wizard Boss Keloid
Gurt Hogslayer
A Horse Called War PIST
Barbarian Hermit The Hicks
Burden of The Noose EySaw
Nomad Mower


It was announced on Riff Fest's Facebook page on 20th January 2016 that a third Riff Fest is in the works.[3]

On June 10, the full lineup was announced with Conan slated to be the headliner. The even is set to be returning to the Alma Inn on August 27, 2016. Grey Widow was intended to perform but were forced to drop out.[4]

Tentative LineupEdit

Conan Barbarian Hermit Strain Ohmms Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters Foetal Juice Iron Witch Enos Boss Keloid Widows Bisonhammer Forged In The Furnace of The Sun Atragon Trollkraftt Conjurer Garganjua

External LinksEdit


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