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Background information
Origin Athens, Greece
Genres Stoner Rock
Years active 2003-present
Labels cyberdelia

Rag is a greek stoner rock band. Hailing from Athens - Greece, the group was founded by George Kagialedakis (bass and guitar) and Joan Bios (vocals).


George Kagialedakis, after years of presence within the Greek independent scene (through the bands “Sonar blips, Joint, BabyBitch and others as a session musician) decided during the previous winter 2003, to form the rag. His record work appeared early in 90’s (1991), via the band “Sonar blips” and the homonymous LP “Sonar blips”. Ever since, for about four years, too many events took place almost all over the Greece, till film directing and his “rag films” absorbed all the concern of his. This period of time, George directed many sort feature films, documentaries (for ET1, NET, ET3, ZDF, NDR, TV BERLIN and MTV – Smashing Pumpkins in Athens), commercials and video clips. In 1997 his strong attraction for music, form “Joint”, in 1999 the “BabyBitch” …and in 2003 the “rag”. On August of 2004, Cyberdelia records, released the album rag “brainstorm” in Greece and Europe through phycheDOOMelic records, 2006 “Under the Surface”, 2009 “Infected”, 2011 “Skydive”, 2013 “Induction”, 2015 “BD Blue”, 2016 “The rag” is under production.


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