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Project Armageddon
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Project Armageddon is a traditional doom band from Houston, TX. Formed in 2009 by former members of long-running traditional doomsters Well of Souls, Project Armageddon added a psychedelic and experimental edge to Souls' Candlemass-ian riffage.

The trio, consisting of Doomstress Alexis, Brandon Johnson, and Ray Mathews, released their debut album, Departure, in 2010. The band followed it up with Tides of Doom in 2012, and Cosmic Oblivion in 2015.

Thanks to strong live shows, the band has built a reputation as one of the preeminent doom acts in TX. The band has also raised it's national profile with a recent tour in support of Cosmic Oblivion including a stop at the inaugural Maryland Doom Fest.


Departure (2010)

Tides of Doom (2012)

Cosmic Oblivion (2015)


Doomstress Alexis (Bass, Vox)

Brandon Johnson (Guitar)

Raymond Mathews (Drums)


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