Project Armageddon
Project Armageddon
Project Armageddon circa 2015.
Background information
Origin Houston, Texas
Genres Doom Metal, Traditional Doom Metal
Years active 2009 - Present
Labels Shattered Man
Associated acts Doomstress, Well of Souls, Vendetta Diabolique
Website Facebook

Project Armageddon is a traditional doom band from Houston, TX.


Project Armageddon formed in 2009 by former members of long-running traditional doomsters Well of Souls, Project Armageddon added a psychedelic and experimental edge to Souls' Candlemass-ian riffage.

The trio, consisting of Doomstress Alexis, Brandon Johnson, and Ray Mathews, quickly released their debut album Departure in 2010. The band quickly followed with shows supporting various acts that visited Texas in the stoner and doom scene such as Orthodox Fuzz, Sanctus Bellum, Las Cruces, From Beyond, Lo-Pan, The Gates of Slumber and Wo Fat among others. The band followed it up with Tides of Doom in 2012 and kept busy with many more live appearances.

The band would play sporadic shows over time and focus on a third album. 2015 would reveal Cosmic Oblivion, with Project Armageddon touring in Texas for SXSW that March[1] with a Summer Midwest tour following, including an appearance at The Maryland Doom Fest.[2] The band would keep performing until 2016 with Alexis and Brandon focusing on a new doom group named Doomstress.


  • Departure (2010)
  • Tides of Doom (2012)
  • Cosmic Oblivion (2015)


  • Doomstress Alexis (Bass, Vox)
  • Brandon Johnson (Guitar)
  • Raymond Mathews (Drums)
  • Cryptos Grimm (Live Drums 2015)


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