Pearls and Brass
The Nazareth Blues.
Background information
Also known as Pearls & Brass
Origin Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock
Years active 2001 - 2008, 2010 - 2012?
Labels Drag City, Doppelganger Records
Associated acts Pissed Jeans, Randall of Nazareth, The Ultimate Warriors

Pearls & Brass were a stoner blues band from Allentown, Pennsylvania (Though also billed from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The band was known for 70s inspired stoner blues, drawing similarities to Death From Above 1979, Queens of the Stone Age and Wolfmother with their 2006 album The Indian Tower gaining significant critical praise.


The band members began playing together in 1996, but did not officially form the band until 2001. Martin and Huth previously played in a bivocal powerviolence band known as The Ultimate Warriors, disbanding right before Pearls & Brass formed. The band's first recordings came out in 2003, when Doppelganger Records released their self-titled debut LP. The band's style was heavily influenced by 70's classic rock. Through the next few years the band would share the stage with the likes of Boris, The Fucking Champs and Six Organs of Admittance among others.

After the band was invited by Slint to open for them at England's All Tomorrow's Parties festival, the band drew attention from Drag City Records and would ultimately be signed by them. Their 2006 release on Drag City, The Indian Tower, resulted in significant media attention in the United States and followed by touring for the band.

The band went on hiatus in October 2008 as Randy Huth went on to play bass for Pissed Jeans. The group got back together in the spring of 2010 and played their first show back in their hometown of Nazareth, on December 18, 2010. The band would perform a string of shows (At least one known show with Serpent Throne)[1] before ultimately disbanding roughly around 2012.


  • Pearls & Brass (2003, Doppelganger Records)
  • The Indian Tower (2006, Drag City Records)


  • Joel Winter - Bass, Vocals
  • Randall Huth - Guitar, Vocals
  • Josh Martin - Drums

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  1. The Obelisk