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Outlaws of the Sun
Outlaws of the Sun
Background information
Web Address Website
Creator Steve Howe
Launch Date August 1st 2015
Current Status Active


Outlaws Of The Sun was created by Steve Howe in August 2015. Steve originally created The Sludgelord blog but after 4.5 years, Steve wanted an extended break from the entire blogging scene. Though that break didn't last long as bands, labels and PR Reps were asking Steve when would he return.

Steve made a quick decision to start a new blog. Focusing on the genres of music he was associated when reviewing as The Sludgelord. Outlaws Of The Sun was created to carry on that mission that Steve started originally with The Sludgelord.

Outlaws Of The Sun features news, reviews, interviews from bands within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal world and all the sub-genres that fall within them.


Outlaws of the Sun is a general music blog, prominently featuring reviews and interviews. Occasionally the site will also post news and album streams.

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