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Background information
Origin Lviv, Ukraine
Genres Drone Metal, Doom Metal, Experimental
Years active 2011 - Present
Labels Breathe Plastic Records, Drowning
Associated acts Apostate, Negative Plus
Website Facebook

Nonsun are a doom/drone two-piece from Lviv, Ukraine. Active since 2011, they are known for their darkly moody instrumentals and lengthy studio releases (With two Extended Plays spanning over forty minutes and an album spanning over eighty).


Nonsun began in 2011 as a two-piece duo of Goatooth and Alpha. With a multitude of recording in the works the band would put out a demo EP entitled Good Old Evil in late 2012. A second EP entitled Sun Blind Me via Breathe Plastic Records (Netherlands) and Drowning (Denmark) would follow in September 2013.

Nonsun would be personally selected (Of 22 bands) by Yob to support them (Along with Pallbearer) for a performance at Klub Firlej in Wroclaw, Poland on September 20, 2014.[1] This would notably be the band's first live performance. One of the followed live performances would be conceived at UTM in Lviv, Ukraine on October 17, 2014. This was notable as a drumless performance. [2]

Soon after in January 2016 the band would release their first full-length album in the form of Black Snow Desert to critical praise and positive reviews. Some of Nonsun's music would also appear in the historical drama film Alive, directed by Taras Khymych.[3]


Studio AlbumsEdit

Extended PlaysEdit


  • Goatooth - Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2011 - Present)
  • Alpha - Drums (2011 - Present)


"Sludgy drone horror that’s light on pyrotechnics and heavy on being fucking heavy. This isn’t music for throwing back beers and elbows; Nonsun will rob you of the will to live, then sock you in the guts just the way you know you deserve. The opposing inertial forces of hunched, creeping motion and rhythm-less feedback stasis provide an intriguing source of unexpected and understated dynamism". (Decibel)

"Drone-metal seance soaked with innovative stylistic marriages. You won't know how to feel...Forget catharsis, you might just need to play in teeming mud and abandon expectation". (Heavy Planet)

"Headiness and dissonance of the years 2000 along with crushingness and sorrowful, aesthetic darkness of the early 90's". (Temple of Perdition)

"If there’s a shitload of bands playing as dark as they can, these guys have done something more than just play heavy, you need to listen carefully so you can discover hidden sounds". (Music as Heroin)

"Whatever sphere they’re working in and however drone-heavy that sphere might wind up being, Nonsun present a caustic but hypnotic take on tonal weight and a vague industrial influence without coming off as trying to reside in one genre or another. They seem to be heading in a fascinating direction and I’ll look forward to finding out where it might go from here". (Obelisk) 

"Whether it’s labeled dark ambient, drone or funeral doom, Nonsun presents haunting, heavy music that’s completely immersive. Texture and tone take center stage with what can only be described as a dreamlike quality. Sun Blind Me perfectly balances the repetitive nature of drone music, never becoming boring or predictable". (Beachcomber) 

External LinksEdit


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