Background information
Origin Ceprano, Italy
Genres Stoner Rock, Punk
Years active 2009-present
Website Facebook
Current members Matteo De Prosperis
Fabio Teragnoli
Maurizio Tomaselli
Band Logo
Mutonia Logo

Mutonia are a three-piece stoner rock band from Ceprano, Italy, formed in 2009.[1]


Mutonia were formed in Ceprano, Italy in 2009 by Matteo De Prosperis (guitar and vocals), Fabio Teragnoli (bass) and Maurizio Tomaselli (drums).[1] During their early years, the bands sound was heavily influenced by punk.[1] The band's first release, which came in 2011 during their punk years, was a live record called Mutonia Live! 2010-2011. The album was their only release to use Italian language lyrics.[1]

In 2012, they recorded and released a demo titled Gain from Waste. The demo saw a stylistic change from punk to alternative rock, and a lyrical changed from Italian to the English language.[1] The band extensively toured Italy after the demo, on their "Gain From Tour", for almost two years.[1] After wrapping up the tour, the band began to write new songs, finding themselves changing stylistically to a sound based more in stoner rock.[1]

In 2014 they released their fist studio album Blood Red Sunset.[1] The album was produced by Mutonia and Walter Corneli.[2] The album was a concept album telling the story of an imaginary soldier called "Lucky Jordan" and his life.[1] As well as being released on Bandcamp, the album also saw a physical release in Italy and Sweden via Otium Records.[1] They toured in support of the album on the "Blood Red Tour" for a year.

In 2015 the band wrote for another studio album called Wrath of the Desert, slated for a September 2015 release.[1]


Mutonia - Blood Red Sunset (Official Video)05:38

Mutonia - Blood Red Sunset (Official Video)

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V·T·E Mutonia
Current Members Matteo De ProsperisFabio TeragnoliMaurizio Tomaselli
Studio Albums Blood Red SunsetWrath Of The Desert
Demos Gain From Waste
Live Albums Mutonia Live! 2010-2011

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