Background information
Origin Kaunas, Lithuania
Genres Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal
Years active 1996-present
Website Facebook
Current members Rytis Bulota
Šarūnas Bulota
Karolis Klimaitis
Ugnius Užkuraitis
Band Logo
Mountainside Logo

Mountainside are a four piece band from Kaunas, Lithuania[1] who mix elements of stoner rock, alternative rock and metal. Formed in 1996[1], the band has three albums to their name as of June 2015.[2]


Mountainside formed towards the end of 1996 in Kaunas, Lithuania.[1] The band's style was originally based in punk rock and metal, but by the time of their first release, they had mixed in elements of stoner rock and psychedelic rock. In 2002, the band released their first album Distorted via Who Else Records.[3] Some songs from the album were used on a car racing movie by Norwegian director Fredrik Bryne in 2004. The band's second album, All About Time was released in 2007 via Zona Records.[4] Some songs from this album were included in a volume of the compilation series 'Make You Take Note of Lithuanian Music'[5] In 2013 their third album, Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish, and Short, was released independently.[6] The album moved away from the sound of their first two albums and towards heavier elements, such as doom.

It was not a radical shift from all the things we did before, because we started as metal, punk and rock band.
— Rytis Bulota

During their career, Mountainside has played hundreds of concerts, including festivals, in Lithuania and abroad, sharing the stage with bands such as Dismember, Entombed, Tito and Tarantula, New Model Army and Voivod. Members of the band are also active in other areas of the Lithuanian rock scene. Drummer, Karolis Klimaitis, runs the Megasonus recording studio[7], guitarist, Šarūnas Bulota, organizes festival MountainRock[8] and with a help from bassist, Rytis Bulota, maintains Lithuanian rock oriented news portal


MOUNTAINSIDE Dehydration Blues (The Desert Story) (live)03:56

MOUNTAINSIDE Dehydration Blues (The Desert Story) (live)

Studio AlbumsEdit



MOUNTAINSIDE missing piece of the puzzle pt07:03

MOUNTAINSIDE missing piece of the puzzle pt.2 (live in studio) HQ

Thunderous and precise, complex yet simple this album is full of nasty jackhammer riffing, brutish gut punching vocal aggression and unconventional song structures. all of the poor bastards like myself that have never heard this amazing band before, the time is now to savor the opportunity!
— Reg, Heavy Planet[9]

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V·T·E Mountainside
Current Members Rytis BulotaŠarūnas BulotaKarolis KlimaitisUgnius Užkuraitis
Studio Albums DistortedAll About TimeSolitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish and Short

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