More Fuzz
More Fuzz
Background information
Web Address
Slogan Get your dose of fuzz
Creator Tanguy Dupré
Launch Date October 13 2014
Current Status Online

More Fuzz is a stoner rock reviews and features site created by Tanguy Dupré[1]. The website launched on October 13th 2014.[2] Originally an email only newsletter published exclusively by Dupré, More Fuzz has since grown into a fully fleshed website with several regular contributors.


More Fuzz originally started life as a Newsletter on October 13th 2014.[3] It was created by Tanguy Dupré as an outlet for reviews and features on the wide stoner rock scene, including doom, sludge, psych and of course, fuzz. After a short while, in November 2014, the newsletter became a fully fleshed website.[3] The first article on the site was a backdated review of Monomyth's album Further.[2]

Whilst the website was a solo venture of Dupré's, several other writers have contributed to the site.[4][5][6] Contributions to the site include standard reviews, competitions[7] and features, such as a list style article of Black Sabbath covers.[8]


More Fuzz Screengrab

The More Fuzz website as it appeared on 10th June 2015 when first loaded.

I decided to create More Fuzz ! because I want to share with every music lovers my discoveries. The Heavy Music scene is so vast I almost find a new band to listen to every single day thanks to Da Internet!
— Tanguy SeFi Dupré on why he created the website, More Fuzz[1]

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