Molten Lava Death Massage
MLDM live!
Background information
Origin Hong Kong, Republic of China
Genres Groove Metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 2004? - ?
Labels Concrete Lo-fi
Website MySpace

Molten Lava Death Massage was a stoner/groove band from Hong Kong in the Republic of China. Initially forming as a trio and later as a quartet with an unknown lead vocalist on occasion the band had managed to compose a single album entitled Eye of Ra in August 2006. Nothing else is known of the band barring an appearance at Rock Aid Festival in 2006 or even if they're still active.

Molten Lava Death Massage - Eye Of Ra (Full album)33:40

Molten Lava Death Massage - Eye Of Ra (Full album)

Molten Lava Death Massage - BriL In A Sarcophagus03:07

Molten Lava Death Massage - BriL In A Sarcophagus


  • 'Eye of Ra (2006, Concrete Lo-fi Records)


  • Ben Gagnon - Bass
  • Andrew Chu - Drums
  • Indy Shome - Guitar, Vocals

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