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Life for the Living
Studio album by Chron Goblin
Released September 13 2013
Recorded at Echo Base Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Genre Stoner Rock
Length 43:36
Label Chron Goblin Entertainment
Producer Casey Lewis
Chron Goblin chronology
One Million from the Top
Life for the Living

Chron Goblin "Life for the Living" was released September 31, 2013 on Chron Goblin Entertainment. Recorded and mastered by Casey Lewis at Echo Base Studios. All songs written and recorded by Chron Goblin

Track ListingEdit

  Life for the Living
No. Title Writer Note Length
1     Deserter Chron Goblin 4:22
2     Dry Summer Chron Goblin 2:53
3     Lonely Prey Chron Goblin 4:32
4     Big Baby Chron Goblin 3:28
5     Give No More Chron Goblin CD and digital only 5:23
6     Anesthetize Chron Goblin 4:39
7     Life for the Living Chron Goblin 4:59
8     Blood Flow Chron Goblin 3:29
9     Control Chron Goblin 4:32
10     Any Day Chron Goblin 6:09
  Total Length : 43:36
V·T·E Chron Goblin
Current Members  Josh SandulakDevin PurdyRichard HeppBrett Whittingham
Albums Life for the Living • One Million from the Top 
Extended Plays Chron Goblin
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