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Inter Arma
Background information
Origin Richmond, Virginia, USA
Genres Southern Metal, Black Metal, Sludge Metal, Post-Metal
Years active 2007 - Present
Labels Forcefield, Relapse
Associated acts Bastard Sapling, War Graves, Windhand, Organ Donor
Website Official Facebook
Band Logo
Inter Arma Logo

Inter Arma is a band from Richmond, Virginia formed from members of black metal band Bastard Sapling. They are known for their blend of Southern, Black, Sludge and Post-Metal.


Formation and Early Years (2007 - 2012)Edit

The Relapse Records Years (2013 - Present)Edit


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Sundown (2010, Forcefield)
  • Sky Burial (2013, Relapse)
  • Paradise Gallows (2016, Relapse)

Extended PlaysEdit

  • Destroyer (2012, Toxic Assets)
  • The Cavern (2014, Relapse)

Misc. ReleasesEdit

  • Live Demo (2007, Independent)
  • 2008 Demo (2008, Independent)
  • Inter Arma / Battlemaster (Split with Battlemaster) (2010, Mirror Universe)


Current MembersEdit

  • Joe Kerkes - Bass
  • T.J. Childers - Drums
  • Trey Dalton - Guitars
  • Steven Russell - Guitars
  • Mike Paparo - Vocals
  • Jon Liedtke - Live Theremin

Former MembersEdit

  • Tommy Brewer - Bass
  • Joe Mueller - Guitars
  • Drew Goldy - Bass



External LinksEdit


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