Hypnotic Nausea
Hypnotic Nausea
Hypnotic Nausea.
Background information
Origin Agrinion, Greece
Genres Stoner Metal, Post-Rock
Years active 2013 - Present
Website Facebook

Hypnotic Nausea are a post stoner band from Greece (Agrinion) with electronic and ambient elements in their sound. They formed on August 2013 and on May 2015 they recorded live their debut album (Hypnosis) in an effort to capture their analog feel. Their main concern is to create soundscapes which will function as a highlight in the general idea of conceptual art.


Hypnotic Nausea formed in 2013, eventually playing shows around the Greece area such as Antifestival.[1] The band would perform more around their home country supporting the likes of 1000mods, House of Broken Promises and Karma To Burn to name a few. The band would release their debut album Hypnosis in late 2015.[2]


  • Hypnosis (2015)


  • George B - Guitars, Vocals
  • George P - Bass
  • Nikos B - Drums


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