Golden Void
Golden Void
Background information
Origin Bay Area, California, USA
Genres Psychedelic Rock, Fuzz, Stoner Rock
Years active 2009-present
Labels Thrill Jockey
Associated acts Earthless, Nebula, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, The Roots of Orchis, The Finches
Current members Isaiah Mitchell
Aaron Morgan
Justin Pinkerton
Camilla Saufley-Mitchell
Band Logo
Golden Void Logo

Golden Void is Psychedelic Rock band based in Bay Area, California, USA. They were formed in 2009 by Isaiah Mitchell, Aaron Morgan and Justin Pinkerton, with Camilla Saufley-Mitchell later joining the band.


Before becoming Golden Void, the future members of the band were connected musically. They had played together (and apart) in various bands from their teenage years and beyond.[1] They finally settled as Golden Void in 2009 when Isaiah Mitchell moved to Bay Area, California.[1] With Mitchell on guitar and vocals, he joined together with Aaron Morgan on bass and Justin Pinkerton on drums. Later, upon deciding the band needed a keyboard player, they brought in Camilla Saufley-Mitchell, a decision they describe as "only natural".[1]

After cementing their line-up, the band released their first EP, The Curve, in 2011. [2] It was recorded by Phil Manley at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco and was released through Valley King Records.[2] Their first full length, Golden Void, was released in 2012, again recorded by Phil Manley at Lucky Cat Studios, though this time released via Thrill Jockey.[3] In 2013, they released another EP, Rise to the Out of Reach, for Record Store Day.[4] This track also appeared on a split with the punk band Hot Lunch, released via Converse Hot Tracks and Amoeba Records.[5]


Golden Void - Virtue (Official Music Video)05:24

Golden Void - Virtue (Official Music Video)

Golden Void - The Curve (Official Music Video)04:46

Golden Void - The Curve (Official Music Video)

Golden Void - Jetsun Dolma (Live @ Roadburn, April 21st, 2013)05:03

Golden Void - Jetsun Dolma (Live @ Roadburn, April 21st, 2013)

Studio AlbumsEdit

Extended PlaysEdit


  • Hot Lunch/Golden Void (2013)
    with Hot Lunch


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V·T·E Golden Void
Current Members Isaiah MitchellAaron MorganJustin PinkertonCamilla Saufley-Mitchell
Studio Albums Golden Void
Extended Plays The CurveRise to the Out of Reach
Splits Hot Lunch/Golden Void
Associated Bands and Artists EarthlessNebulaAssemble Head in Sunburst Sound • The Roots of Orchis • The Finches
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