Background information
Origin Brussels, Belgium
Genres Stoner Rock
Years active 2012-present
Associated acts Naughty Mouse
Website Facebook
Current members Alain Vandenberghe
Fabrice Fardelli
Merlin Furnelle
Nicolas Vazquez
Band Logo
Goddog Logo

Goddog are a four-piece stoner rock band from Brussels, Belgium formed in 2012.


Goddog were formed after the founding members of the band, Alain Vandenberghe (guitar and vocals), Fabrice Fardelli (guitar), Merlin Furnelle (bass) and Nicolas Vazquez (drums) had a jam session Brussels, Belgium in 2012.[1] At the very first jam session Vandenberghe and Fardelli (who have both played in the band Naughty Mouse[2]), as well as Varquez and Furnelle knew that they were going to continue as a fully fledged band.[1]

The bands first live gig took place in January 2013 at the Garcia Lorca venue in Brussels.[1] From this point, the band has regularly played venues in the Brussels area, such as Magasin 4 and DNA.[1] On March 18th, the band posted their first recorded track, titled 'Goddog', on Reverbnation,[3] and has since added four more tracks to the site.[4]

The band are currently working on their first album, which is expected to see a release in autumn 2015.[1]


Whilst the band currently has no releases, they are currently working on their first album, due in autumn 2015.


GODDOG @ DNA , BxHell , le 08.1105:27

GODDOG @ DNA , BxHell , le 08.11.2013 Part (IV)

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V·T·E Goddog
Current Members Alain VandenbergheFabrice FardelliMerlin FurnelleNicolas Vazquez
Associated Bands and Artists Naughty Mouse

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