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From Horror To Housecore Tour 2014
Acid Witch Tour 2014
One of the two tour posters.
Tour of
Acid Witch
Year 2014
Start date October 21
End date October 28
Shows 6
Region United States
Acid Witch tour chronology
From Horror To Housecore Tour 2014

From Horror To Housecore Tour 2014 was a tour by Acid Witch held for six days in the United States throughout October 2014 with Child Bite as direct support on five of the six dates. Notably one of the dates was at Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Fest with Acid Witch opening the Midway Stage at noon.[1]


ACID WITCH at Housecore Horror Film Festival, Austin, Tx08:44

ACID WITCH at Housecore Horror Film Festival, Austin, Tx. October 25, 2014


  • October 21 - Joyful Noise, Indianapolis, Indiana (With Child Bite and Sapphic)
  • October 22 - Vino's Back Room, Little Rock, Arkansas (With Child Bite)
  • October 23 - The Boiler Room, Dallas, Texas (With Child Bite and Unconscious Collective)
  • October 25 - Midway's, Austin, Texas (Housecore Horror Fest; No Child Bite; With Archspire, Ringworm, Decapitated, Macabre, Napalm Death)
  • October 27 - The Circle Bar, New Orleans, Louisiana (With Child Bite, Author & Punisher)
  • October 28 - The New Vintage, Louisville, Kentucky (With Child Bite, Savage Master, American Lesions)


Acid WitchEdit

  • Shagrat - Bass, Vocals
  • Slasher Dave - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Gnarls Charles - Drums
  • Mike Tuff - Guitar


External LinksEdit


  1. Housecore Horror Fest site via Wayback Machine


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