Fenriz' Red Planet
Fenriz Red Planet
My ship has sailed without me.
Background information
Also known as Red Planet
Origin Kolbotn, Norway
Genres Doom Metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 1993
Labels Indie Recordings
Associated acts Darkthrone, Neptune Towers, Valhall, Fuck You All, Isengard, Storm, Regress FF, Dødheimsgard, Eibon, Nattefrost
Band Logo
Fenriz Red Planet Logo

Fenriz' Red Planet was a doom metal side-project composed by Norwegian musician Fenriz, most famous for the black metal band Darkthrone and doom metal band Valhall. Fenriz' Red Planet recorded three songs in 1993 in the vein of bands like Trouble, Candlemass and Sleep. Lyrically the music is themed on science fiction and space travel.


FENRIZ` RED PLANET - John Carter, Man On Mars05:37

FENRIZ` RED PLANET - John Carter, Man On Mars

Fenriz' Red Planet - My Ship Sailed Without Me05:53

Fenriz' Red Planet - My Ship Sailed Without Me

Fenriz' Red Planet - Temple Of The Red Dawn Rising07:26

Fenriz' Red Planet - Temple Of The Red Dawn Rising

In 1993, Fenriz recorded three tracks using a 4-track recorder - the famed Necrohell studio - the same which was used to record Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust. Fenriz kept the tracks hidden, only playing it to some friends. He gave one tape to Apollyon of Aura Noir, who then played it to Nattefrost around 2002. Two or three years later, Nattefrost convinced Fenriz to release them in a split.

Eventually these recordings were released in a split in 2009 under the title Engangsgrill with Nattefrost. According to Fenriz the recordings were remastered and is unaware of how the final recordings sound.[1]


  • Engangsgrill (Split with Nattefrost) (2009, Indie Recordings)


  • Gylve Fenris Negall AKA Fenriz- All Instruments, Vocals

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