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Elder is a three piece stoner/doom metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band consists of members: Nick DiSalvo (guitar, keyboard and vocals), Matt Couto (drums), Jack Donovan (bass guitar), and previously Chas Mitchell (bass guitar). Elder have released three full-length albums since 2006 and have also released other demos, EPs and a split album with Queen Elephantine. Nick DiSalvo claims that Colour Haze and Dungen are "the bands that have really influenced the methodology or the philosophy behind the new direction". While Elder's sound is varied, but heavily based around rock and metal, Elder's sound could also be said to have been influenced from such landmark Rock/Metal bands including Black Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard.

Elder released their first album "Elder / Queen Elephantine" in 2006: a split album with the psychedelic rock band Queen Elephantine. Elder played at the Roadburn Festival in 2013. Elder also had a live recording session at Valley Homegrown in 2010 in which they played songs from their self-titled album "Elder" and their unreleased (at the time) 2011 album "Dead Roots Stirring". Chas Mitchell was previously the bassist for the band. The band is currently located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.


Elder / Queen Elephantine (2006)[1][edit]

This split album is the first appearance of the band under the name of Elder released in September 2006.

Label: Concrete Lo-Fi Records

Track Listing: 1.Queen Elephantine - Ramesses I 2.Queen Elephantine - Ramesses II 3.Queen Elephantine - Ramesses III 4.Queen Elephantine - Ramesses IV 5.Elder - 1162 6.Elder - Red Sunrise 7.Elder - Black Midnight 8.Elder - Soul Incarnate

Elder (2007)

The first demo album by Elder released in May 2007.

Label: Harsh Brutal Cold Productions

Track Listing: 1.1162 2.Red Sunrise 3.Black Midnight

Elder (2008)

Elder's first full-length self-titled album. This album incorporates a mixture of doom metal and stoner rock elements throughout, while mainly consisting of doom metal and some low-pitched strained vocals on such songs as "Riddle of Steel Pt. 1" similar to Sleep's album Dopesmoker.

Label: MeteorCity Records

Track Listing: 1.White Walls 2.Hexe 3.Riddle of Steel Pt. 1 4.Ghost Head 5.Riddle of Steel Pt.2

Dead Roots Stirring (2011)

Elder's second album released on the 25th of October 2011. This album, unlike their previous album, mainly incorporates stoner rock elements and some psychedelic rock elements. Clay Neely was the sound engineer for the album, Justin Pizzoferrato mixed it, and Adrian Dexter created the album artwork.

Label: MeteorCity Records

Track Listing: 1.Gemini 2.Dead Roots Stirring 3.III 4.The End 5.Knot

Demos & Live (2012)

Elder's second demo album.

Label: Acid Punx

Track Listing: 1.1162 2.Red Sunrise 3.Black Midnight 4.Gemini (Live) 5.Riddle of Steel (Live)

Spires Burn / Release (2012)

Elder's most recent EP album (as of 29/08/2013) which was only released on vinyl and then converted to a digital format. Released on April 21, 2012.

Track Listing: 1.Spires Burn 2.Release

Elder: Live at Roadburn (2013)

A live album released on November 15 consisting of six tracks from their previously released material.

Label: Burning World Records

Track Listing 1.Gemini 2.Dead Roots Stirring 3.Spires Burn 4.The End 5.Knot 6.Riddle Of Steel Pt. 1

Lore (2015)

Elder's most recent Full-length album released 27 February 2015. This album featured elements reminiscent of progressive rock, as opposed to the more straight stoner rock/metal sound heard on earlier albums.

Label: Stickman Records

Track Listing: 1.Compendium 2.Legend 3.Lore 4.Deadweight 5.Spirit at Aphelion



Nick DiSalvo

Matt Couto
Jack Donovan 

Past members Chas Mitchell

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1.[Elder] on Facebook 2.[Elder] on Bandcamp 3.[Elder] on [Metal Archives]



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