Eindhoven Psych Lab
Eindhoven Psych Lab
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Background information
Genre(s) Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, Krautrock
Date(s) June
Location Eindhoven
Venue(s) Effenaar
Years active 2014 - 2016
Promoter(s) Eindhoven Psych Lab
Website Official Page

Eindhoven Psych Lab is a festival run in the Netherlands every June. Psych Lab puts a strong emphasis on electronic and psychedelic music with a further extent on visual flair, with the festival's website featuring a host of kaleidoscopic animations to compliment the sounds presented. Eindhoven Psych Lab also presents marquee shows at Effenaar featuring the likes of Follakzoid, White Hills, Moon Duo and Acid Mothers Temple among others.




The inaugural edition of Eindhoven Psych Lab happened on 6 and 7 June 2014 at Effenaar in Eindhoven. Along with the listed performers the festival billed a "throbbing laboratory of bands, DJs, visual happenings and kaleidoscopic experiments."[1]

6 June 2014
Main Stage Performers The Counterblast Experiment
Presented by Rocket Recordings
Performing DJs
Cosmonauts Gnod Liverpool Pzyk Pzoundsystem
Crows Teeth of the Sea Bernie Connors Music
Great Ytene Lay Llamas Walter Roadburn
Hookworms Anthroprophh Chris Rocket
Peter J. Taylor Terminal Cheesecake
The Oscillation
Weird Owl
Wooden Shjips

7 June 2014
Main Stage Performers Fuzz Club Presents Performing DJs
Dans Dans Sonic Jesus Al Lover
Disappears The Cosmic Dead DJ Fitz
Elephant Stone Wall of Death Wiekes
Follakzoid Radar Men From The Moon dj .bOb
Mugstar The Underground Youth Pomponette
Night Beats The Wands
Nisennenmondai The Woken Trees
Pink Mountaintops
The Growlers


The second edition of Eindhoven Psych Lab was held at Effenaar on 5 & 6 June 2016. The exact day-by-day performers and running order is currently unknown but the full list of performers are as follows:

  • Moon Duo
  • Earth
  • Toy
  • The Soft Moon
  • Morgan Delt (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • Jacco Gardner (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • The Limiñanas (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • Doug Tuttle (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • The Soft Walls (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • Ultimate Painting (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • Klaus Johann Grobe (Trouble in Mind stage)
  • The Telescopes
  • Kikagaku Moyo
  • The Cult of Dom Keller
  • K-X-P
  • Mdou Moctar
  • Radar Men From The Moon meets The Cosmic Dead
  • Black Bombaim
  • POW!
  • Hey Colossus
  • Pauw
  • The Lucid Dream
  • zZz
  • Electric Eye
  • Teeth of the Sea
  • Warm Graves
  • Dead Rabbits
  • Tubelight
  • Pretty Lightning
  • In Zaire
  • Desert Mountain Tribe
  • Bonnacons of Doom
  • Bed Rugs


The third edition of Eindhoven Psych Lab was held at Effenaar on 10 & 11 June 2016. The exact day-by-day performers and running order is currently unknown but the full list of performers, excluding DJs and Modular sets, are as follows:[2]

  • GOAT
  • Temples
  • Follakzoid
  • Parquet Courts
  • Hills
  • Orchestra of Spheres
  • White Hills
  • Camera
  • No Joy
  • Audacity
  • The Oscillation
  • Radar Men From The Moon
  • Gnod
  • Forever Papot
  • Papir
  • Throw Down Bones
  • Ulrika Spacek
  • 10000 Russos
  • Flamingods
  • Svper
  • Useless Eaters
  • Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
  • Pauw
  • Rats on Rafts
  • The Germans
  • The Future's Dust
  • Statue
  • Blank
  • The Mystery Lights
  • Iguana Death Cult
  • Radar Men From The Moon meets Gnod: Temple Ov BBV (Audio Test 005.epl16)
  • Black Valleys meets OWOW: (Audio Test 006.epl16)
  • Skid Audio Plant (by Luk Sponselee/Zesde Kolonne): (Audio Test 007.epl16)
  • Cairo Liberation Front meets High Wolf: (Audio Test 008.epl16)


While 2017 did not host an Eindhoven Psych Lab it did host a large-scale show on 26 May at Effenaar. Featuring "Modulab" performances between bands and a closing DJ afterparty by Agua Rosa, the event featured (in order) RMFTM, The Lucid Dream, TRAAMS, Follakzoid and Altin Gun.[3]


On 19 January, Eindhoven Psych Lab announced that they were unable to put on a two-day festival to meet standards of their own and the fans but still promote individual shows and Eindhoven Fuzz Lab.[4]


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