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Earth 2- Special Low Frequency Version
Earth 2
The album cover for Earth 2.
Studio album by Earth
Released February August 1992 1993
Recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle, Washington
Genre Drone Doom, Drone, Ambient
Length 73:13
Producer Earth, Stuart Hellerman
Earth chronology
Extra-Capsular Extraction
Earth 2- Special Low Frequency Version
Phase 3: Thrones and Dominions

Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version (Sometimes known simply as Earth 2) is the first full-length studio album by Washington drone band Earth. Released in 1993 via Sub Pop Records (SP185) it has been hailed as a seminal album in the development of drone metal and drone in general (Influencing acts such as Joe Preston, Sunn O))), Boris and Pelican among others. Carlson referred to the music at the time as "ambient metal".



Earth - Earth 2 Special Low Frequency version HD full01:13:03

Earth - Earth 2 Special Low Frequency version HD full

  • 1. Seven Angels (15:38)
  • 2. Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine (27:04)
  • 3. Like Gold And Faceted (30:31)


  • Dylan Carlson - Guitar
  • Dace Harwell - Bass
  • Joe Burns - Percussion (3)
  • Stuart Hellerman - Producer
  • Jane Higgins - Design
  • SST - Mastering (Vinyl)



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