Dungaree is a 4-piece stoner band based in Szeged, Hungary.

Dungaree 4 4

History Edit

Two southern Hungarian guys couldn’t think about anything else but heavy guitar riffs and rocking the blues lifestyle. One played the guitar, the other one sang, so they went online and found a bassist and a drummer and formed Dungaree in early 2014.

The band delivers a raw kind of stoner music, with grunge and all kind of rock influence, mixed with some pure loudness.There isn’t any unnecessary fill or track. What you hear on the record is what you get live.

Discography Edit

Dungaree wasn’t even a year old when they had two releases already: their 3-track debut EP, Climb out of the River was released in October 2014, receiving positive feedback from critics in Hungary and abroad too. Following several concerts, their second EP, Final Yell was released in mid April 2014. 

They released they debut full length album ‘Bipolar World’ in August 2016.

Members Edit

  • Gergely Laszlo - Vocals
  • Attila Balogh - Bass
  • Zoltan Horvath - Guitar
  • Dominik Dencs - Drums

External links Edit

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