Druid at Howard's Club H, Bowling Green, Ohio 6-20-15
Background information
Also known as The Druid
Origin Athens, Ohio, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock Heavy Metal,
Years active 2014-present
Labels Unsigned
Website Bandcamp
Current members Kaleb Shaffner
Max Schmitz
Adam Mayhall
Past members Greg Ornella
Louis Eyerman
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Druid are a three-piece psychedelic, stoner and hard rock band from Athens, Ohio, USA formed in 2014.


Druid was founded in Athens, Ohio in August of 2014 by Kaleb Shaffner (lead guitar, vocals), Greg Ornella (rhythm guitar, vocals) Max Schmitz (bass, vocals) and Louis Eyerman (drums).[1] They played shows and wrote their first album throughout the Fall of 2014. The album, titled Druid was recorded throughout late November into early December of 2014 and was independently released on March 25, 2015.[1] In February of 2015, Ornella stopped playing rhythm guitar with Druid, and assumed the role of producer for the band.[1] In early March, the band started recording the Paper Squares EP as a newly formed three-piece. After just two sessions, the band completed the recording of the EP. It was mastered and independently released on June 3rd of that year.[1] In late April, Eyerman decided to leave the band. Almost immediately, within the same month, Eyerman was replaced by Adam Mayhall.[1] On March 27, 2016, Druid released their second full length studio release, entitled Odysseus, and it has been met with much critical acclaim since its release. [1]


Druid - Roots & Being

Druid - Roots & Being

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Vocals are shared between Kaleb and Max and both are fine singers and both bring something good to the table individually but when they harmonise it sends shivers down the spine. Special mention has to go to the sterling production work of Greg Ornella who manages to capture that organic 70's sound that prevails throughout the album, he also plays rhythm guitar on the album and sings lead on both "No Good Man" and "Roots and Beings"... for a band who have only been together for roughly a year they should not be this good... but they are.
— FD Jones, Desert Psychlist[2]

Druid is one of the best kept secrets of the Heavy Psych scene. With the self-titled debut album recently become part of the mutation of the kind that includes, besides the canonical fuzzy sound and echo effects, grain glam and progressive digressions. Their sound is original and structured, with stoner, doom  and evolved trippy blues reminiscences.  An experimental group with a license to redefine the paradigm of the musical genre.
— John Duhamel,[3]

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V·T·E Druid
Current Members Kaleb ShaffnerMax SchmitzAdam Mayhall
Past Members Greg OrnellaLouis Eyerman
Studio Albums Druid
Extended Plays Paper Squares