Promotional shirt for Doomination of Europe 2004.
Background information
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Doom/Death, Death Metal
Date(s) Various
Location North America (2003), Europe (2003-2004)
Venue(s) Various
Years active 2003-2004
Website N/A]

Doomination was a short-lived touring festival that ran from 2003 - 2004 in Europe and the United States. Notably, it was a touring festival with the intent on showcasing bands of the doom metal and death metal genres. Similar to some touring festivals it would focus on a core lineup with a supporting lineup depending on respective tour dates. Though primarily favoring bands of the doom/death style like Morgion and The Prophecy (Who organized the festival alongside fellow doom/death band Mourning Beloveth), some bands in a more traditional doom metal style were billed on the tours such as Orodruin, Asunder and The Gates of Slumber.

Two tours were booked in 2003, one throughout Europe and one in the United States with a secondDoomination tour set in Europe in 2004. Another edition of Doomination (Doomination of Europe III) was at one point in the works for 2007 (Keen of The Crow and various members of Morgion attempted to organize the festival) but the tour never happened due to costs, thus ending the festival.


2003 (Doomination of Europe)Edit

The first Doomination tour started on 7 February 2003 at Eamon Dorans in Dublin with another ten dates in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and The Netherlands.[1]

Core Lineup Supporting Acts
Morgion Despond
Mourning Beloveth Cemetary of Scream
The Prophecy Pantheist
Process of Guilt

2003 (Doomination of America)Edit

In August of 2003 The Doomination of America tour would follow from August 6 to August 30. Organised by members of Morgion, this tour had Mourning Beloveth, The Prophecy and Orodruin. Morgion was intended to be in the tour itself but were forced to pull out of the tour due to a car accident involving the guitarist Gary Griffiths.[2]

Core Lineup Supporting Acts
Mourning Beloveth The Gates of Slumber
The Prophecy Vex
Orodruin Asunder
Negative Reaction

2004 (Doomination of Europe II)Edit

The second (And final) Doomination Tour of Europe was scheduled over three weeks across September and October 2004. This tour had The Prophecy and the Australian doom band The Eternal as the headlining acts with underground acts for support. The tour widened its coverage, visiting Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK. [3][4]

Core Lineup Supporting Acts
The Eternal Insanity Reigns Supreme
The Prophecy Negative Reaction
The Belonging

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