Domes of Silence
Domes of Silence
Background information
Origin Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Genres Indie Rock, Stoner Rock
Years active 2000? - 2015
Labels Shifty Disco, Silver Buddha
Website Domes of Silence Facebook

Domes of Silence were a stoner rock/indie rock band out of Oxford, England. Active between the early 2000s and 2015 the band was a notable stoner rock act in an area usually devoid of such a genre at the time.


When the Domes exactly started is unknown but it can be speculated around 2000 or possibly earlier. The Domes would perform shows around Oxfordshire and release a single on Oxford label Shifty Disco in 2001 entitled Tarnished Evidence. Three years later the band would concoct a full-length album Mescaline to positive reviews in the stoner community. From that point the band would perform shows in the UK with the likes of Electric Eel Shock, Obiat, Witchsorrow, Suns of Thunder and others, including an appearance at the Yellowstock Festival in Belgium.[1]

By 2010 the band would self-release two singles in Temple of The Wasp (Spring) and Hunter ST (20 May 2010), both via their own imprint Silver Buddha and the latter an ode to the legendary Louisville, Kentucky Gonzo writer. The band would play sporadic shows from that point, with their last Facebook post to date on 1 August 2015. Thus it's unknown if the band is still active.[2]


  • Tarnished Evidence (Single) (2001, Shifty Disco)
  • Mescaline (Album) (2004, Shifty Disco)
  • Temple of The Wasp (Single) (2010, Silver Buddha)
  • Hunter ST (EP) (2010, Silver Buddha)


  • Sean Larkin - Vocals
  • Charlie Lane - Bass
  • Alex Lane - Drums
  • Tony Finnegan - Guitar

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