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Destroysall (A Tribute To Godzilla)
Compilation album by various
Released August 1 2003
Genre(s) Sludge Metal, Hardcore
Length 77:00
Label Shifty Records

Destroysall is a compilation album released on Shifty Records on 1 August 2003. Mainly featuring sludge and hardcore bands doing tracks dedicated to The King of Monsters among other kaiju, the release was also specifically conceived to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the classic kaiju film Destroy All Monsters.



  • 1. Mammoth - In This Dying Moment
  • 2. Terminal Lovers - Mr. Astronaut Glenn
  • 3. Sloth - If I Were Godzilla
  • 4. Hangnail - Invasion Of The Neptune Men
  • 5. Gigantasaurus! - Reptilian Tonnage Of Gargantuan Enormity
  • 6. Space Face - Leen Grizzard
  • 7. Fistula - King Kong Is Dead
  • 8. Dot (.) - Nonresistance City
  • 9. Negative Reaction - Godzilla Vs. Noo Yawk
  • 10. Rwake - Smog Monster
  • 11. Patheticism - Go Jet Jaguar
  • 12. Leviathan A.D. - By North Star, Gamera
  • 13. 3rd Degree Burnout - Anarchy Fell Through
  • 14. The Crunky Kids - Gojira No Gyakushu
  • 15. Solace - Mother Godzilla

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