Days of The Doomed
The lineup for the 2014 edition.
Background information
Genre(s) Doom Metal
Location Wisconsin (2011 - 2014), Various (2017)
Venue(s) P.L.A.V., the Blue Pig, The Metal Grill
Years active 2011 - 2014, 2017 - Present
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Days of The Doomed is a festival held primarily in Wisconsin, USA. the style of the festival is largely in favor of traditional doom metal (Trouble, Iron Man, Revelation and Penance to name a few) with the occasional stoner metal band. This festival can be pinpointed as the starting point of the band The Skull when Ron Holzner and Eric Wagner jammed together for the inagural edition performing classic Trouble songs.

The festival took some time off after 2014 but has returned as of 2017 as a touring festival.



On 14 April 2017 it was announced that Days of The Doomed would be returning but with a twist. This time, rather than a festival in Wisconsin it is functioning as a touring festival named Tour Of The Doomed, with the first day functioning as a kick-off festival event in Wisconsin. The three main acts for the touring festival are Spillage, Belzefuzz and Sheavy as the headliner. Notably this is Sheavy's first ever tour of the United States as well. It is slated to span for eight dates throughout the midwest and northeastern United States.[1]

The Tour of The Doomed dates are as follows:

  • 12 August 2017 - The Metal Grill, Milwaukee, WI (With The Skull, Castle, Apostle of Solitude, Red Desert, Attalla, Sons of The Morning)
  • 13 August 2017 - Reggie's, Chicago, IL (With Apostle of Solitude)
  • 14 August 2017 - The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN (With Apostle of Solitude)
  • 15 August 2017 - New Dodge Lounge, Detroit, MI (With Karmic Lava, Marjorie's Cane)
  • 16 August 2017 - The Foundry, Lakewood, OH (With Argus, Dead East Garden, Sparrowmilk
  • 17 August 2017 - Howler's, Pittsburgh, PA (With Argus)
  • 18 August 2017 - The Depot, York, PA (With WitchHazel)
  • 19 August 2017 - Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY (With Pale Divine, Reign of Zaius; No Spillage)


The 2014 Edition of Days of The Doomed was held at The Metal Grill in Cudahy, Wisconsin from June 20th to June 21st, 2014. Notably, it was held as a tribute to Jason McCash of The Gates of Slumber, who died that same year.

June 20 June 21
Las Cruces Trouble
Blackfinger Age of Taurus
Orodruin Jex Thoth
The Mighty Numbus Belzefuzz
Witchden Devil To Pay
Wasted Theory Egypt
Stasis Stone Magnum
Ancient Dreams Spillage
Brimstone Coven
Sanctus Bellum
Moon Curse
Flying Medusa


The 2013 Edition of Days of The Doomed was held at The Blue Pig in Cudahy, Wisconsin from June 21th to June 22nd, 2013.[2][3]

Notably, this festival ended up being the final show for The Gates of Slumber before they would break up less than four months later.

June 21 June 22
Iron Man The Gates of Slumber
Penance Victor Griffin's In-Graved
Venomous Maximus Dream Death
Kings Destroy Pale Divine
Lucertola Earthen Grave
Moon Curse Leather Nun America
Gravedirt King Giant


The 2012 Edition of Days of The Doomed was held at The Blue Pig in Cudahy, Wisconsin from June 15th to June 16th, 2012.[4][5]

June 15 June 16
Revelation Solace
Orodruin Earthride
Stone Magnum The Skull
Sanctus Bellum Earthen Grave
Super Invader Blackfinger
Snake Dance Blood Farmers
Apostle of Solitude
Die Monster Die


The 2011 Edition of Days of The Doomed was held at P.L.A.V. in Kenosha, Wisconsin from June 17th to June 18th, 2011.[6]

Days Of The Doomed Fest - Trouble Jam - 6 18 11 "Come Touch The Sky"03:21

Days Of The Doomed Fest - Trouble Jam - 6 18 11 "Come Touch The Sky"

June 17 June 18
Pale Divine All-Star Black Sabbath Jam
Sinister Realm Iron Man
The Gates of Slumber The Skull (Billed as a classic Trouble Set)
Zebulon Pike Blackfinger
Backwoods Payback Earthen Grave
Admiral Browning Las Cruces
Sleestak Revelation
Kin of Ettins Argus
Black Pyramid
Retro Grave

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