Album cover for the CD edition.
Studio album by Stonecutters
Released March 28 2009
Recorded 2008 - 2009 at Headbangin Kill Your Mama Music in Louisville, KY
Genre Sludge Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal
Length 35:31
Producer Chris Owens and Stonecutters.
Stonecutters chronology
The Death of Me
Creatio ex Nihil

Christhammer is the second album by Kentucky sludge/thrash band Stonecutters.


Writing and RecordingEdit

Work had begun on Christhammer in roughly 2008, with the band expanding on their sludgy sound into a faster direction. In an interview with Doodlehound, guitarist/vocalist talked about the evolution of the band at this point:

“I wrote "The Death of Me" which is not super slow and a little more "upbeat" and the song "Stonecutters" and that's where it all began, "Our Mother Of Sorrows"... It was kind of Eyehategod-ish, you know and early Sleep, we liked a lot of that stuff. Honestly, over time we just got tighter and faster and kind of incorporated more of a (thrash and death influence).

I just wanted to pick up the pace and the musicians I got-- Johnny's just a phenomenal drummer so I wanted to show him off. Then we went from Cliff to Leffler, which Leffler was a total shredder...”

— Brian Omer, Doodlehound [1]

Christhammer would be released as a double CD release party with Louisville metal band Antikythera at Uncle Pleasant's on March 28, 2009.[2]

Stonecutters- I, Wurdulak04:06

Stonecutters- I, Wurdulak

Stonecutters - Black Zion06:06

Stonecutters - Black Zion


  • 1. Muerta (0:54)
  • 2. Christhammer (3:24)
  • 3. I, Wurdulak (4:21)
  • 4. Lonewolf (4:25)
  • 5. Waverly (4:03)
  • 6. Liar In Wait (2:30)
  • 7. X's For Eyes (4:33)
  • 8. She Is The Moon (5:16)
  • 9. Black Zion (6:05)


  • Brian Omer - Guitar, Vocals
  • Cliff Whitehead - Guitar, Vocals
  • Kevin Redford - Bass
  • Johnny Wooldridge - Drums
  • Dave Pollard - Artwork / Layout

External LinksEdit


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  2. Setlist.fmAccessed 26 July 2016
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