The band as they appeared on the back cover of "Sounds of Liberation"
Background information
Origin California, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Desert Rock
Years active 1999 - 2000
Labels Man's Ruin, Low Desert Punk
Associated acts Kyuss, Yawning Man, Unida, Bl'ast!, Queens of the Stone Age

Ché was a short-lived desert rock band from California, active roughly from 1999 - 2000.


Ché was formed as a side project by Brant Bjork, Dave Dinsmore and Alfredo Hernandez. It's not known exactly when they started or ended but roughly around 1999 the band recorded their only album "Sounds of Liberation" and released it on Man's Ruin Records in 2000, not long after Brant's own solo album "Jalamanta" was released.

Eventually in 2008 "Sounds of Liberation" would be re-released on Brant's own Low Desert Punk label on CD and for the first time on vinyl. To this day Brant tends to perform Ché songs live with his own band. Bjork released a short retrospective on the album on his own YouTube page in lieu of the album's vinyl re-release.[1]




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