Background information
Origin (2010-2011) Auckland, New Zealand
(2012-present) Lucerne, Switzerland
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Fuzz, Alternative Rock
Years active 2010-present
Current members Kieran Mortimer-Jones
Elina Willener
Jan Kurmann
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Carson are a three piece alternative, stoner rock band formed in Auckland, New Zealand. The band currently resides in Lucerne, Switzerland.


Carson was first formed in Auckland, New Zealand by front-man Kieran Mortimer-Jones (guitar and vocals) in 2010, originally as a four piece.[1] The band played all over New Zealand quickly gaining a reputation as a groovy, heavy, melodic and energized outfit. In 2011 Carson recorded a 7 track E.P, with tracks 'Dues' and 'Conversational' being played on national New Zealand radio stations.[1]

Towards the end of 2011/beginning of 2012, Kieran resettled in Lucerne, Switzerland and formed a new band, keeping the name Carson, which was taken from the classic western The Good the Bad and the Ugly.[1] Jan Kurmann (drums) and Elina Willener (bass) joined the new lineup of the band and within 4 months the new Carson started to play the local Swiss scene.[1] In December 2012, Carson released a 2nd self titled, 6 track EP, which they recorded after winning funding from the local festival, Lakeside Festival Hergiswil.[1] The Songs ‘Chlorine Boogie’, ‘Come’ and ‘I Guess’ have been played on Swiss radio stations, such as SRF Virus, Radio 3Fach and Coleur 3.[1] An official music video for ‘I Guess’ was released a few months later.[1]

In 2013 Carson played shows all over Switzerland, chained together into one long tour.[1] In 2014, Carson toured around Europe with Karma to Burn, playing shows in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland.[1]


Carson ' I Guess ' official music video

Carson ' I Guess ' official music video

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Current Members Kieran Mortimer-JonesElina WillenerJan Kurmann
Former Members Joshua CrowtherMarc CarrolDrew Hilton • Paulie
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