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Bardo Pond
Background information

Bardo Pond are a psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, active since 1991. Known for their open sense of sound exploration and heavy influence and reference to various drugs, Bardo Pond have released several albums and have toured worldwide, now signed to London-based label Fire Records. Beginning as a quintet and now a sextet, Bardo Pond has maintained four core members in the brothers Gibbons (Michael and John), Isobel Sollenberger and Clint Takeda.




Current LineupEdit

  • Isobel Sollenberger - Flute, Vocals (1992 - Present)
  • Michael Gibbons - Guitar (1992 - Present)
  • John Gibbons - Guitar (1992 - Present)
  • Clint Takeda - Bass (1992 - Present)
  • Jason Kourkonis - Drums (Late 2000s - Present)
  • Aaron Igler - Synthesizer, Electronics (2001 - Present)

Past MembersEdit

  • Joe Culver - Drums (1992 - 2001)
  • Bob Sentz
  • Ed Farnsworth - Drums (2001 - late 2000s)

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