Barbarian Hermit
Barbarian Hermit
Background information
Origin Manchester
Genres Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Desert
Years active 2013-present
Associated acts Lizard Tongue, Mountains Became Machines, Bisonhammer, That Sunless Tide, Sirkus Saigon, Born Fire Brave, BongCauldron, Orchid, Fatal Fear
Website Barbarian Hermit Facebook
Current members Mike Regan (guitar), Ed Campbell (vocals), Adam Robertshaw (guitar), Rob Sutcliffe (bass), Gaz Manning (drums)
Past members Loz Brindley (drums), Si Scarlett (vocals), Chris Wood (bass)

Barbarian Hermit are a five piece doom/sludge/Stoner act, based in Manchester, England. Formed in 2013 from former members of disbanded Manchester bands (Bisonhammer, Arke, Severed Fate, Random Act of Violence, Mountains Became Machines and That Sunless Tide) and the disbanded South Korean band FatalFear.

The band achieved their current line up in early 2017 with the return of Ed Campbell, after he left FatalFear and returned to the UK and the band. This marked the departure of Simon Scarlett on vocals, to focus on other projects and work (Scarlett was former DJ and vocalist with art rock quartet Born Fire Brave and Sirkus Saigon, who helped establish the band between 2013 and 2016 after Campbell left to pursue employment abroad.)

The band have been gigging heavily around the UK for the last few years. Recently, playing at big events like HRH festival and supporting big names like Raging Speedhorn and Crowbar. Having only released an EP and demos, solely through Soundcloud and Youtube. Their song "Burn The Fire", was released with a quirky accompanying video, made by a film collective called Massive Badgers.

The band have put out just one small batch of numbered hard copy "demos" out. First released on the 30th Jan 2016, sold by the band at Manchester Metal Collective's annual weekender mini-festival. The Demo features formerly unreleased tracks "Mermaid", "Tigerhorse" and "BEA", and is available solely via their merch store. However, having recently joined the ranks of APF records, their recent recording and first album "Solitude and Savagery" was recorded at Skyhammer studios by Chris Fielding of Conan and will be made available in many locations, including through the bands bigcartel site. (


We knew and respected each other's previous bands before we ever played together. I'd been playing in Arke, Mike in BisonHammer, Loz in Orchid and That Sunless Tide. Ed Campbell had just returned from Korea, where he had been doing vocals for Fatal Fear. We began testing the water and trying to find our new writing style.

When Adam joined he brought a new flavour and we invited Simon, an old friend of Mike's down to have a jam. He was mainly DJing at the time following the disbanding of art-rock group Sirkus Saigon. During these jams we felt he suited some of the newer riffs and tracks we were putting together and invited him to join the band.

We're still finding ourselves and with every new track we get stronger and more like "us", what ever that is!?

— Chris Wood on the history of Barbarian Hermit, Facebook


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